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Greek Architecture

The two pediments of the temple are decorated with mythological scenes: the east, above the building's main entrance, shows the birth of Athena, and the west, the fight between Athena and Poseidon for the name of the city of Athens. The Parthenon retained its religious character in the following centuries and was converted into a Byzantine church, a Latin church and a Muslim mosque, at the time of the Ottaman occupation. The Corinthian style is seldom used in the Greek world, but often seen on Roman temples. Its capital is very elaborate and decorated with acanthus leaves.

The oldest known example, however, is found in the temple of Apollo at Bassae c. The temple of Zeus at Athens started in the 2d cent.

The three systems are called orders because their parts and proportions are ordered and coordinated. Their forms must originally have had symbolic meaning. The temple is usually set on a natural hill, or acropolis, but has no artificial platform beyond a three-step foundation, or stylobate.

Greek thought is found in various political and religious sites worldwide and greatly express ancient greek thought through the architecture. Greek architecture greatly influenced Roman architecture. Public buildings were built in stone, choses to last, at butaful sites almost always decorated with columns. They added the arch and the round buildings. Later the Renaissance was a rebirth of Greek influence.

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It sits on a hill, it is magnificent it has endured for 4 centuries. It is held up by tall elegant columns, the proportions are perfect, statues of all the venerated Saints decorate the balconies so that a person standing in the square in over whelmed by the grandeur, the beauty, the strength, the order, the protection of the Saints, and the glory of God.

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This message is entirely conveyed by the architecture in a perfectly chosen location. The 19 th century marked a new a revival of Greek design. In Europe many public buildings be they courthouses, senates, churches, banks, museums, theatres have one thing in common they are built in a Greek manner. In the US nearly all of our public buildings are inspired by greek design. This was no longer an architecture of detail and refinement but one of massive if simple construction and political show.

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When you go down town in D. C you will see that most of the government buildings are built in a Greek manner. A great example is the Supreme Court, which has collumns all around it, and in the front on the building there are two lions, which represent protection, democracy, and. To the Greeks a building was not only a bunch on stones that have been put in a nice place; it was looked at as piece of art.

Modern day architects should note the time and effort that they put in to there buildings. Now when we see a building that is built inn a Greek way you can know the history that is behind it. Costa dixon. Mary Brouwse Davis.

Classical Greek art. Daniel Frydman. William L. Like English, Greek was Phonetic, and, was the first lanuage to use vowels. Greeks diverse vocabulary also influenced and contributed to modern English. Thirteen point two percent of modern day English is derived from the vocabulary of ancient Greece. Greek culture laid the foundations for the Roman Empire. Traditional Western culture is created by the three historical factors; ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Christianity. Doric: Cylindrical in shape, Doric Columns sit without a base. Shallow grooves channel through the shaft and end with a square, uncluttered capital on top.

Simplicity is the Doric column's literal and figurative strength. Ionic: Topping the Ionic column is a capital consisting of a rectangular plate. Coiling, scroll like spirals called volutes fit at each end of the capital. The Ionic column is taller and more slender than the Doric. Ionic columns adorn the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D. Corinthian: Is the most elaborate look of the three classic columns.

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Shaped like an upside down bell, the capital has overlapping rows of acanthus leaves rising up the sides. Corinthium columns hold up the Louvre Museum of Paris. Greek architecture has been has been a major influence on modern western architecture up to today. The Capitol building and other structures in Washington D. Images of ancient gods, muses and archetypes representing wind direction or nature spirits have been used to decorate various Western buildings.

Selected religious imagery has been used to ward off evil, add stylistic decoration and adornment to buildings and to create a sense of wonder. Greek gods and imagery were revived for their artistic sensibility and benchmark of a civilized Western world during the Neo-Classical revival in American architecture during the 's. The World's Fair of modeled many of its temporary structures on gypsum in its White City after Greek buildings.

The earliest records indicate they began in BC in Olympia, Greece. They were played in honor of their prime Greek god Zeus, held every four years in Olympia.

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They also introduced penalties for athletes who were caught cheating in any events. The most recognised Western sporting label 'Nike' is linked with ancient Greece. Hence why Nike promotion advertising feature their sponsored athletes with wings that are used on apparel such as the "Nike Force" model edition along with the 'Swoosh' logo. The Greek military state of Sparta has influenced Western culture sport.

Traditional Greek food is based on a Mediterranean cuisine. As while one may believe the boundary between Greek and Turkish food to be clear, it isnt the case. Greece was apart of the Ottoman Empire for a considerable time and was under the scrouge of the Catalans who set up a dynasty and the Florentines in the late 14th to early 15th century that would have impacted greatly on Greek crusine. The Greeks were also writing cookbooks during this period.

Though alot of the Greek cruisine became an art of the past as it was so successfully adapted, transformed and renamed mostly by the Turk's and Italians that its Greek origins have been forgotten. There is heavy Greek influence in western culture food preperation in soup, meat and seafood dishes. Even one of the more mainstream western culture 'Sunday' dishes of oven baked lamb and potatoes traces to Greek origins.

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And the many common salads are Greek orientated.