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Comment by Anonymous — October 19, pm Reply. The thesis is well written and objective. High marks to the author. It is a study and not a statement of her opinions. Comment by Pinky — October 21, pm Reply. Comment by Anonymous — September 24, pm Reply. There are gaps in the thesis, does that mean this is a censored copy? What I see from these two will be complete collapse of our freedoms with more taxes and government intrusion into our lives. Comment by Dinty — October 25, pm Reply. Comment by BigD — June 23, pm Reply. But her choice of topic DOES reflect her opinion.

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She and her husband are both racists. Birds of a feather. Comment by Joe — October 30, pm Reply. It is very clear that this issue weighed heavily on her mind. What strikes me funny is that her husband Barack, is half white. That fact was not nearly promoted enough during the entire campaign. It is obvious which group the Obamas identify the most with. Saying this, whether I agree with his political views or not, I am glad that he one the race as a glass ceiling has now been shattered! His accomplishment should remove this contrast in the future as it is an advantage that can no longer be leveraged!

Comment by Tony Blanco — November 6, pm Reply.


He is only a little more than 6 percent Black. The whole black issue is one of a welfare state pushed on blacks throughout generations and also one of well educated blacks like Michelle who live with a big chip on her shoulder. There are more reasons for so many black babies without fathers and for a high percentage of black men in prison. When most babies born to blacks are to unwed mothers, it is not the fault of white, blue eyed citizens. When black men are in prison, it is not because they are profiled, it is because they are caught.

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Get real people. Get an education. Use a condom if not married. Get a job. Get off drugs. Be responsible. Comment by angrynana — April 3, pm Reply.

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I think everyone is forgetting that this Thesis is from How old was this college student in ? I would like to address angrynana. White people are always spouting forget the past, moved on. Well, when are you going to be reponsible for your actions, what you have done. Who is going to be responsible for that?

Who is going to be responsible for the lack of educational equality for minorities. When the tides change and whites are the poor minorities, what then? So, do you think only blacks are in jail, pregnant and on drugs. Even, though studies and the news predict Blacks tragic downfall as part of this country…if you look thru eyes wide open you will see that Blacks have made great strides inspite of the torture they have endured.

Please, recognize that the African American race is a phenomenal race and a compliment to this country. Comment by jjacki3 — April 12, am Reply. The whole race issue is Democrats yes, I said it — Democrats. It was Democrats who started a civil war to keep black people enslaved. It was Democrats who established the KKK to keep blacks in fear. After Republicans adopted constitutional amendments to guarantee black rights, it was Democrats who passed jim crow laws to keep them from voting.

After losing that battle, Democrats switched gears and enslaved blacks by handing them welfare crumbs to buy their vote. Democrats have been peddling soft racism for years by telling minorities that they are too inept to make it on their own. They need government assistance, because they are too stupid, or too lazy, or too weak to overcome the same adversities facing ordinary middle class Americans. Democrats continue to support racist organizations such as ACORN, which keeps blacks enslaved to drugs by paying voter registration personnel with crack cocaine.

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There is no level to which Demcrats will not sink in order to keep the black vote at the end of a short leash. It is not America who needs to apologise for the past. It is not whites who need to apologise for the past. It is not Republicans who need to apologise for the past. Stop trying to drag the rest of us into the bed that you made. Our sins are buried at Arlington while yours continue to multiply and decay what little soul you have left.

Comment by Taro — April 4, pm Reply. Taro………almost to the word is what I would have said.

If not for the formation of the Republican party, and our first Republican candidate…Abe Lincoln…who knows how many more years the democrats would have enslaved blacks. Comment by Frank Rinaldo — August 18, am. How come i never see a response or rebuttal from democrats when these facts are entered into a debate. Comment by Anonymous — July 24, am. Well who cares what happened 50 years ago or years ago. And you know you guys are forgetting about the Indians. The english stole their land. America was theirs so really none of us have a right to say anything unless you are in fact a native american or indian or whatever name you wanna come up with.

So really if you wanna get down to it none of us deserve America or anything else. We have all just kept on and on worrying about things that are not important we have forgotten what is important. Comment by Mango — June 1, pm Reply. Take a gander sometime generally at admission requirements at various private law schools, for example—the discrepancy may surprise you.

Comment by what is fairness — July 26, pm Reply. Michelle is a racist, most obviously.

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She is biting the hand that feeds her with the help of 26 assistants to wait on her in the White House. Comment by gaily — September 16, pm Reply. After reading all the negative comments about Michelle and her excellent thesis, I feel sorry for a sick American society that have ignorant pagans who parade as Christians. Go to school, dummies!!!! Comment by Ben — October 25, pm Reply.

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Comment by framico51 — July 17, pm Reply. In the first 18 pages all I was able to access in the article where I found her thesis , there are at least 5 grammatical errors. On that basis, it is hard to imagine she received a passing grade. Commas matter. Comment by Susan Matthews — May 17, am Reply. I was a complete idiot in college also grad. I am willing to believe that Mrs.

Dinesh D'Souza Says Michelle Obama's College Thesis Was 'Illiterate and Incoherent'

Obama has come along since her salad days. I certainly hope so. Comment by Michael — December 30, pm Reply.