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This paper presents costs arisen from the everyday transport of building machinery from the yard located by the road being constructed to the place of work. These costs are not directly associated with the income creating. The optimal choice of the place for the machinery yard can substantially lower these costs.

The following two methods of finding the optimal place were proposed: based on the shortest distance and based on the lowest cost of building machinery self--transport.

Construction dissertation is the highly valued prospect of a study course.

They were calculated for the exemplary data. Applying the method based on the lowest cost allows finding more than one location of machinery yard. The cost of applying more than one yard can reduce much more the costs of a construction site. The effects of the delay in construction contract execution are always negative for every party being involved.

Cancelling the delays of the time schedule means the use of more production means that it was planned. It creates an It creates an additional cost. If the delays of the schedule are not cancelled, the contractor suffers from the cost increase. The penalties arisen from not keeping the milestones or the completion date are expected too.

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There is a trade-off: cancelling delays spending additional money now during the contract execution or executing a delayed contract till its end awaiting for its final settlement showing the cost increase and possible penalties. There is no one, correct answer how to manage a delayed construction project. There is a natural unwillingness to spend money over the budget. Nevertheless, the delayed completion date can cause much higher contractor's expenses, than cancelling delays during the contract execution.

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The decisions made by the project manager depend on various factors discussed in the paper. A delay concerning the single task increases the cost of its execution at a different level. The same, the level of influence of delaying a single task, influences the completion date with varied strength. These influences depend on the location of the task in a net model-the base of a schedule.

The tasks located on the critical path-defined in the Critical Path Method-should be of the special care. However, delays on not critical tasks can also break the budget and the planned completion date. The nature of delay is important as well. Lowered productivity of a workers' brigade can make the execution of the task longer, the same as forced breaks in their efficient work. The reaction of a site manager to such causes of delay should be different, as the origin of the delays is different. The impact of the delay noticed on the single task is discussed in the paper and possible reaction varied on the type of a delay and a task location too are proposed.

Past dissertations and PhD theses

The proposed solutions aim at cost minimizing considering the total expenses spent by a contractor and possible penalties in case of the delayed completion date of a construction contract. The Construction Industry in Bangladesh, its impact on the economy and its challenges.

The purpose of this report is to find out the present situation of the construction industry of Bangladesh, its impact on the economy and the barriers which are hindering its success. This report has been developed as part of the Lean construction supply chain is a project management technique adopted from the manufacturing sector aimed at improving the performance of the construction industry.

Therefore, this study developed a framework for lean construction supply chain adopting a bibliometric analysis approach. Bibliometric analysis is a statistical analysis of articles for revealing the school of thought, issues and problems in an area of study. The articles adopted for the analysis of this study were extracted from Scopus, Google Scholar and other online databases.

The retrieved articles were inputted into VOS viewer software to reveal the network analysis. The analysis showed the significant countries and school of thought supporting the lean construction supply chain. The findings from the analysis showed that the construction industry in most African countries is slow towards the adoption of the lean concept. The network analysis showed that the practice of lean construction supply chain revolves around waste reduction, just in time, integration and pre-fabrication.

This practice formed the variables used for developing the framework. The study recommends that further research should be conducted to validate the framework developed from the study.