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The results can be used by managers to develop new approaches to consumers so that their loyalty can be retained during the period of the economic crisis. The final section of the chapter will provide recommendations to businesses on how to retain customers and achieve greater sales during the period of distress. Limitations and future recommendations for academic research will be outlined. Gonzalez, J. Kengthon, W. Kopetz, C. Perriman, H.

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    A List of Great Sample Dissertation Topics in Marketing

    Background Consumer buying behaviour is defined as a set of activities and processes that consumers use in the selection and purchase of goods and services. Rationale This topic has been chosen for the research because there is a gap in the literature on the effects of the global financial crisis.

    Aims and Objectives The aim of the research is to assess the impact of the global financial crisis on the changes in consumer behaviour in the UK. The objectives of the research are: To discuss the causes of the global financial crisis To find out the factors that determine consumer buying behaviour To assess how the changes in the economy have affected consumer buying behaviour in the UK. Literature Review 2.

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    Theoretical Frameworks This study uses several theoretical frameworks as the foundation for the research. Empirical Literature Review Empirical literature distinguishes several factors that have an impact on consumer buying behaviour.

    The Top 30 Best Sample Dissertation Topics In Marketing

    Research Methodology 3. Design of Research The design of the research is shaped by its philosophy, approach and strategy. Data and Sampling This study uses primary data collected from UK consumers in the retail industry. Methods of Analysis Consumer buying behaviour will be investigated by analysing the results of the survey conducted among respondents. Findings and Analysis The findings are expected to reveal significant changes in consumer buying behaviour. Discussion and Conclusion This chapter will discuss the findings of the research in light of the reviewed literature and theoretical frameworks.

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