Where do you put salary requirements on a resume or cover letter

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You can state that your salary package is negotiable based on the overall compensation offered, including benefits. Make sure you take a good look at the following factors:.

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The company field It is also necessary to look into the field of the hiring company as their salaries mostly depend on the industry they are engaged in. Job location Cost of living also forms an important part of determining your salary since it differs from location to location.

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  • For example — a financial advisor in New York is paid higher than one from Arizona as these two places have a cost of living gap. Supply vs. If the industry is saturated with a lot of people with the same qualifications and skill set, employers gain the upper hand resulting in a lower salary being offered than would have been the case were people in short supply for the required position.

    Compensations including benefits Some professions like marketing and sales are based on benefits. For example, if he or she says to give a specific dollar amount rather than a range , do so.

    Key Takeaway

    No matter how you include your salary history, always be honest. Any false information will get you screened out of the application process. Keep your reference to salary requirements brief, so the employer can focus on the rest of your cover letter.

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    • If the employer asks you to include your salary requirement in a different way for example, in your resume , be sure to do so. Review this example of a cover letter including salary requirements , along with a free template to download.

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      How to write cover letter salary requirements + 6 examples

      By Alison Doyle. Prior salary history Previous work experience The industry Cost of living. Depending on your location, it may not be legal for employers to ask about your salary history.

      There are a few ways you can include your salary history:. Here are the most common reasons why potential employers will need your salary requirements:. One thing any applicant should avoid is to indicate his salary expectations in the cover letter unless it the employer explicitly requested for it. Why so? For one, you have yet to determine the job category and the salary range for the position which the interviewer will raise, when and if he makes the job offer.

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      Salary expectations in cover letters without the request is a premature and ineffective decision on the part of the applicant. In short, only provide salary requirements if requested to do so.

      Potential employers would require salary requirements so they can have a basis for your salary expectations, and this becomes their first criteria in selecting the right applicant. Sadly, for applicants, they may have to face some no-win predicaments:. Apart from the salary, keep in mind that not all applicants will possess the same competencies. You should, therefore, highlight these in your resume or cover letter. Apart from the salary requirement letter, employers can request your salary history as this could serve as a measure of reliability.

      This request rarely happens, but some employers may still ask for this information.