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The Cato Institute, 17 July All of the harm and horror associated with the drug issue is really a function of prohibition. Another typical opinion you hear about the legalization of drugs is that it would lead to an unproductive, lazy society. Even if some drugs do cause people to be unproductive members of society, does that mean we should throw them in jail for being unproductive? If someone wants to use drugs rather than do more beneficial things for society, it should be within his or her rights to do so.

Secondly, this notion that society would become more unproductive if drugs were legalized is based on the assumption that drug usage would spike. Not as many people have other harder drugs but they are still available for anyone who cares to look for them Teenage Marijuana Use Is on the Rise. Lots of Americans already use drugs, and if they really wanted the harder ones, they are available as well.

You might think drugs may not lead to an unproductive society, or lead to other crime, but the pharmacological effects of illegal drugs still cause violence. For most drugs this is simply not true. Some people commit acts of violence on drugs but it is rare.

The Legalization of Drugs: Just Say No Essay

All major authorities agree that the vast majority of drug-related violent crime is caused by the prohibition against drugs, rather than the drugs themselves. A study of homicides in New York City at the height of the crack epidemic showed that only three murders, less than one percent, could be attributed to the behavioral effects of cocaine or crack.

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Of these, two were initiated by the victim. Even if violent crimes are committed by people on illegal drugs, it is still hard to prove that the drugs caused them to be violent. Confounding variables can come into play. For example there is evidence that impulsive people are likely to be more violent and more likely to use drugs. Regardless of whether or not you still think drugs are bad, the current policy needs to be changed now.

While moderation is usually a good approach concerning other issues, it is not effective concerning the drugs war.

Drugs should be illegal essay

Right now, drugs are still used by many people in America. Not only does the policy fail to eliminate drug usage, but it creates more crime. As stated earlier the prohibition leads to a black market and crime. It also costs approximately 51 billion dollars every year to fund the drug war Nadelmann, Ethan. To recap, the current policy creates crime, costs lots of money, and there are still a considerable amount of drug users. If all drugs were legalized and regulated it would be a huge boost for the economy, lessen crime, and prioritize personal freedom.

This would require more money, and harsher penalties for drug users. This was what the current policy intended to do, but it failed in trying. A zero tolerance policy would have to be implemented, creating hugely disproportionate punishments for drug crimes to discourage use Nadelmann, Ethan. The monetary costs would also have to be astronomical. That being said, a zero tolerance policy would still have more benefits than costs when comparing it to our current policy. The current policy has the worst of both worlds if your goal is no crime and no drugs, because this policy has both.

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The government would most likely take over production and distribution of the drugs, or at the very least heavily regulate production and distribution. Illegal drugs would be sold how alcohol is today. The age to be able to legally buy drugs would have to be 21, unless the age for alcohol was lowered. Public use of drugs would be prohibited, just like how there are laws for drinking in public. Along with making all drugs legal, money should be spent to take a harm reduction approach.


Take a portion of the 51 billion that is spent annually on the drug war and use it for programs, whether it be helping to treat addicts or educating people. You might think that this all sounds good but only in theory. In practice though, if all drugs became legal it would ultimately be bad for society. There are so many upsides to legalizing all drugs and the only downsides are based on the assumption that drug usage would increase. Legalizing drugs would end up saving so much money, from several different places. Then even more revenue would be created from the sale of drugs, not to mention the thousands of jobs that would be created as a byproduct.

The drug dealers would also be forced to get real taxpaying jobs. Prison overpopulation is another issue that would be dealt with as a side effect of legalization. One out of every 99 people in the United States is in correctional control, most of which are incarcerated for drug violations. That figure would decrease dramatically if drugs were legalized, resulting in less taxpayer money needed for prisons. The only downside, if you see it that way, to legalizing drugs is that usage could increase. The debate is whether or not to legalize illegal drugs.

The War on Drugs Preventing drug use has been a very, very long process. It is very important that everyone understands the danger of drugs and the violent war crimes that can develop from their usage.

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  • It is called the longest and deadliest war in United States history. About seventy-thousand people lost their lives…. The war on drugs, my future look!!! The reason I picked this topic is because the drug war seems to be a major topic for America.

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    There is a big discussion on whether it should be legalized or not. So what I want to do is give a future look on what this drug war would look like if it were to be legalized. What will licit and illicit drugs…. His writing is divided in a succession of subtitles where he enumerates the points that sustain his argumentation.

    In watching the John Stossel documentary on The War on Drugs Sidewinder77, , it is evident that the 40 year war has created more crime than the intended purpose of reducing the drug problem in America. Is the point of the drug prohibition to reduce drug possession which would reduce the drug problem? Instead it has opened up different doorways to other crimes as a byproduct of prohibition.

    The Department of Justice says that the illegal drug market in the U. The early twenties, corn-roll braided male, that I will call Cain, was at ease as we sat in his newly purchased home. Psychoactive substances have been apart of the human experience as long as humans have walked the earth.

    Drug Trafficking

    There is little hope that drug production will ever be curtailed…. Login Join. Home Page War on Drugs Essay. War on Drugs Essay Submitted By ncaaballer Open Document. War on Drugs Drug addiction is a problem faced by many people of the world today.

    The War on drugs campaign was started in order to define and further reduce the illegal drug trade and fight against drug dealers. The campaign was conducted with the help of participating countries facing many controversies which are still argued to this day. The laws put in place were intended to reduce the level of not only drug consumption but drug addicts.

    Drugs will always be a part of our culture so we are obligated to help the ones who seek help and guide others to do the right thing.

    Drugs can be classified in many ways: by the way they are dispensed, by their substance from which they are derived, by the form they take, and by the way they are administered. They can also be classified by their names.